Questionnaire about Closure

I am aiming to get some tangible data about closure experiences at work and as consumers. I would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to do this short questionnaire.

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6 reasons to end a relationship

With the first week of the year being one of the busiest for divorce lawyers its a good time to reflect on reasons why people end their marriages and what we can learn for designing closure experiences.

Listed below are 6 reasons people end their relationships according to Daphne Rose Kingma a relationship councillor.  Lots of parallels for us to consider in the breakdown of service relationships or creating closure experiences.

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Endings Aligned

We have created a poster showing the variety of customer experience processes and how each of them end. From the marketing guru Philip Kotler to Colin Shaw and John Ivens' Great Customer Experiences, and Ron Zemke's Service Recovery. Contrasting these we show Daphne Rose Kingma's stages of people's love lives falling apart. Together they show opportunity areas for closure experiences to be created for customers.

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Our changing attitudes towards Death

Death has changed its focus in the last 300 hundred years. In the past the elderly, ill or injured would lay on their death bed surrounded by family and friends tending to their comfort. Mutterings of the dying person would be heavy with emotion and philosophy. The experience for people in attendance was intense and conclusive, providing an opportunity to reflect and justify ones life.

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Transaction models as an indicator of good closure experiences

Closure Experiences are often locked to the moment of transaction in some way. It can reveal a great deal about the ownership of - and influence upon - the customer relationship as well as to provide an interesting insight into a person’s work satisfaction and aspects of psychology. All of which influences how the customer feels when a service comes to an end - the closure experience.

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The limited language of Closure

The language that accompanies many of our existing closure experiences is guilt inducing, legal or dull. A simple letter informs the customer that a service has ended. It is not full of reflection or inspiration that may help fuel a future service relationship between the provider and the customer. The end of the service, letter concedes defeat and suggests a focus on the next victim to the service.

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