The Chapters

Chapter 1. The biased customer lifecycle
Chapter 2. Societal changes of conclusion
Chapter 3. The Distancing and the Fading
Chapter 4. The Quickening and the Tethering
Chapter 5. The psychology of endings
Chapter 6. The narrative of endings
Chapter 7. Services: Trapped in divorce denial
Chapter 8. Services: Gaming debt
Chapter 9. Products: Say goodbye
Chapter 10. Digital: Unshare the share
Chapter 11. Business: A new positive vocabulary

This book will profoundly change your opinion about product creation, recycling, divorce, debt and death.

Whether your product creator, developer, designer or a passionate consumer, the book reveals some fascinating insights into the history of consumption. 

It makes a compelling case that demonstrates how, over centuries, our changing relationship with death has led to the loss of our relationship with endings. Giving rise to guilt-free consumers, an overly-blamed business sector and a society which finds itself at a loss when it needs to grapple with responsibility. 

Drawing on a plethora of sources in history, sociology, psychology and industry, it argues that we are taking the wrong approach to challenging the impacts of consumption and that we need to create coherent endings in our product, service and digital experiences to rebalance this.

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